JTM, Brooklyn, NY

First, let me apologize for my behavior when we met. I did not mean to be confrontational, but please understand I am a student and was afraid of paying for a consultation fee at your office. A few friends said they went to shots clinics only to get their yellow fever vaccines without a consultation fee involved (only to find out this was not the case in New York). I did go on the CDC website and got a list of travel immunizations needed for Tanzania and thankfully I came to you and realized for my trip, I didn’t need half of them.

While I was at first put off by needing a consultation at your office, I realized that in the end, I paid less for the consult and vaccinations than I originally thought

that the vaccinations alone would cost (as my friends came to find out)! Also, the consult was invaluable, no matter what I read in travel books and seen on official websites, nothing compares to the practical knowledge and experience of a trained travel specialist like yourself. Some of my friends from California and Florida who just got travel shots, became ill (and unfortunately injured) on the trip, but thankfully I listened (and remembered) all of your advice and am pleased to say that not only was my trip enjoyable and uneventful, but I am back home three weeks now and feel great.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for all of your advice and practicality, you are a great doc and I will keep returning to you anytime I go abroad.

With sincere thanks and gratitude,
Brooklyn, NY

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