Corporate Services

Specialized services are available for medical assistance and travel insurance companies. These services include active case management, case and peer reviews, evacuation and repatriation consultations, hospital cost containment consultations, and medical cost containment negotiations.

On-site immunization services include bulk immunizations, such as the influenza vaccination program and the immunization program for cruise ship crews and passengers.

Corporate services also include physician house calls made to New York City offices. Executives who request to be seen in their offices receive specialized medical care, including executive physicals and wellness exams. Travel consultations and on-site vaccinations are provided for corporate patients, including airline and cruise line crews with last minute travel plans. Additionally, an urgent care clinic is available, by arrangement, 24 hours a day (7 days a week, including all holidays).

On-site physical examinations, including laboratory testing, are provided via our corporate services as well.

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